Eternal Moments


Imagine if perpetual experiences of connection could transcend borders, filling your hearts with enduring joy and a perpetual sense of wanderlust. It’s as if this cherished flame within would forever beckon you to explore new horizons, creating an endless tapestry of beautiful memories. Move on!
🎈 Helium Balloon bouquet includes:
● Latex balloons 20″ (50cm), color: green – 7pcs.
● Deco strips
● Weight

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● Tax inclusive, delivery fee is not included. Balloons are to be delivered directly to “Fixed Delivery Point in Paris”. Determine your viewpoint, proceed delivery payment on checkout page.
🚚 Delivery service schedule (GMT + 2. πŸ‡«πŸ‡· Paris ):
βœͺ Sunrise & Morning delivery:
Monday-Saturday: 7am.-10am.
βœͺ Daily, weekdays delivery:
Monday-Friday: 10am.-8pm.
Saturday: 10am.Mum-6pm.
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πŸ’Β All the balloons are delivered inflated-helium, ribboned, wrapped in plastic bag.
βš™οΈ Flight Guarantee: 12 hours. We change the goods immediately if your balloons are sink.



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