Dancing in the Rain


Feel the Float: Balloons for a Happier You! Imagine a world where emotions are your dance partners. Each emotion embodies the spirit of a friend who dances through life with you. The joy of twirling together, the laughter in each step鈥攊t’s a dance of pure, unbridled friendship, where emotions sway to the rhythm of your dreams, and every moment is a joyful celebration of life’s beauty.
馃巿 Helium Balloon bouquet includes:
鈼 Latex balloons 20″ (50cm), color: red – 3pcs.
鈼 Deco strips
鈼 Weight

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鈼 Tax inclusive, delivery fee is not included. Balloons are to be delivered directly to “Fixed Delivery Point in Paris”. Determine your viewpoint, proceed delivery payment on checkout page.
馃殮 Delivery service schedule (GMT + 2. 馃嚝馃嚪 Paris ):
鉁 Sunrise & Morning delivery:
Monday-Saturday: 7am.-10am.
鉁 Daily, weekdays delivery:
Monday-Friday: 10am.-8pm.
Saturday: 10am.Mum-6pm.
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馃挐聽All the balloons are delivered inflated-helium, ribboned, wrapped in plastic bag.
鈿欙笍 Flight Guarantee: 12 hours. We change the goods immediately if your balloons are sink.



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