“Happy Birthday” balloon inscription


Were “Balloon inscriptions” to encapsulate an occasion overflowing with familial camaraderie, it would evoke an atmosphere where laughter and heartfelt conversations intertwine with the essence of enduring love. It would weave a seamless tapestry of treasured memories and cherished moments, akin to a testament to the formidable influence of family bonds.
馃巿 Helium Balloon bouquet includes:
鈼 Letters Foil balloons 40″ (102cm), color: rose gold – 13pcs.
鈼 Star Foil balloons 18鈥 (46cm), color: gold 鈥 2pcs.
鈼 Confetti latex transparent balloons 12″ (30cm), color: gold – 6pcs.
鈼 Latex balloons 12鈥(30cm), color: gold chrome – 46pcs.
鈼 Latex balloons 12鈥(30cm), color: white -8pcs.
鈼 Deco strips
鈼 Weight